The Marketing Expertise to Get You There

What is “My Marketing Sense”? What started out as a passion blog and a way to discuss all things digital marketing has quickly developed into something bigger. In addition to bringing forth easy-to-understand insights, ideas, and tips that you can implement, My Marketing Sense offers both consulting and freelance/contract based opportunities for small businesses looking to expand their digital reach.

The Face of My Marketing Sense

In 2019 I started a blog – My Marketing Sense. I wanted to change the fact that there is no true marketing information out there for small businesses and those just getting started in the field. Then, in 2020, I took my first client on who needed help with social media strategy and blog articles.

Now, here we are!

I am a mother of 2, working towards my passion to help [specifically] small businesses. Marketing is tough, time-consuming, and confusing. Plus, as a business owner, you have SO MUCH to worry about. Let me take some of the stress away!

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