How to Use Zapier to Get Sh*t Done

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Where would we be now without the wonderful inventions of technology and automation? For sure, our work and lives might be a little harder. Sure, there are some things that just need a human touch – customer service, data analysis to name a few. But, for those little tedious tasks that exist in everyday life, automation is Godsent… if you use it right.

When it comes to marketing automation specifically, how you use the tools at hand can help or hinder you. Surprisingly, many are using automation wrong. It’s not meant to add to the confusion or increase the number of steps it takes to get everything done. In fact, if your automation practices haven’t almost completely cut you and your team out of the equation, something isn’t right.

So, what is the right way to use automation? Within this article, I’m diving into one of my favorite marketing tools, Zapier, and showing you what zaps you can create to make your life just a little easier.

Social Media

You just wrote an amazing article and now you need to send it out. You could post individually to your different social networks, or you could set up an RSS feed zap through Zapier.

These types of zaps make it easier to share stories with your audience without the hassle of writing everything out, post by post. Instead, by going through a one-time setup, Zapier will automatically set up social sharing zaps that include a fun, generic message about the article.

Need even more social sharing capabilities? Use Zapier to share across platforms. Create a zap that triggers as soon as you post on one platform and shares it with the rest. This helps to keep your audience up to date and involved with the minimal effort.

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Automated Reporting

This is probably a personal favorite – using Zapier to make reporting super easy. As a marketer and SEO, I do a lot of data analysis and create reports for numerous clients. So, the easier I can make this process, the better. Of course, there are always things that need careful attention. However, automating the data collection process is a great time saver.

If you do reports you most likely use (or, have at least heard of) Google Data Studio. And, if you’re in SEO you may have used Deep Crawl to check site health. Well, this Zap brings both of these tools together to create data sharing. Here’s the process:

  • Run a site crawl through Deep Crawl
  • Create a Google Sheet with all the metrics you want (you most likely will also be able to export this information from Deep Crawl into a Google Sheet)
  • Create a zap that triggers whenever a crawl is run and automatically creates the Google Sheet you have set up
  • Go into Google Data Studio and add this special sheet as a new data source

Pretty simple right? And, it doesn’t stop there. Zaperier is capable of data sharing across a variety of platforms including most Google Suite tools, CRM, and more.

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Email Marketing

Need to set personalized email when someone completes a form, or need your email contacts to be submitted into your CRM? Zapier has you covered! By searching their various apps for Gmail, Outlook, or even Yahoo, you can see hundreds of possibilities to keep your contacts engaged, updated, and nurtured. Here are just a few options that they offer:

  • Trello
  • Dropbox
  • Asana
  • Gravity Form
  • HubSpot
  • Cloud

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Some might laugh at the idea of new technology and automation. And, truth be told, not all of it is good. However, when it comes to creating better, more efficient processes so that you and your team can focus on what is really important everyone wins. Used correctly marketing automation can help open so many doors! What integration will you create?

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