5 Ways to Improve Your Website Copy

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Content is important in every aspect – social, email, you get the point. But, no where is it most important than where it should all be housed. Your website. And, I’m not talking about blogs and resources (although those are obviously important as well). Beyond that, it’s time to shed some light on the most important thing on your website, and that’s the actual page copy.

This is literally the bread and butter of your site and what ultimately draws people in. Without great copy, your conversions and business suffer. So, making sure to master this element is crucial.

We’ll be looking at:
⦁ Skimmability (if that’s even a word)
⦁ Focusing on the user
⦁ Communication
⦁ Generating a conversation
⦁ Test, test, test

Get To The Point
Anyone else have a mother who never listened? No, just me? Well, I’ve heard “get to the point!” multiple times, and when it comes to writing copy it’s no different. No one wants to read an essay when trying to learn about your products or services. They want the important stuff, a few key details, and that’s that. Get on with it already!

Tip: To make this process a bit easier, focus on outlining each page. What topics will be covered and what is vital information? Then, shoot for a few paragraphs (spaced out across the page) and keep it short.

Focus on The User, Not You
It’s not you, it’s me. Except, ya know, the opposite. Rule of thumb when it comes to writing site copy – say “you” (as in, referring to the visitor) more than you say “I” or “We”, etc. Sorry to say, but no one really wants to know about you, they want to know how you can help them. Focus on recognizing and solving their issues instead of discussing your history or story. That’s what other networks, such as social media, is for.

Tip: View your visitor as a hero within a story. They are so awesome and now have a huge problem to solve. How will your tech or service help them get back to normal?

Make it easy to understand
Listen, not everyone is as technically savvy as you, and all that industry jargon is going to get your no where. Instead of trying to impress people with acronyms and big words, just give it to them straight. Make what you do and how you do it easy to understand and comprehend in the minds of the average person. It’s the easiest way to get people on board to picking you as their solution.

Tip: Give steps, examples, and more to help other’s see how your product or service can be used by/for them. Make a connection in the sense of spreading easily absorbed knowledge.

Be Conversational
No one likes to be talked at. They want to be talked to, as if they were having a conversation with you face to face. The same can be said when it comes to your website copy. There’s no reason to be overly professional. This can give off a snuddiness or cocky attitude when it comes to your product or service. Be friendly and conversational. Act like your visitor is just another one of the guys (or girls, or somewhere in between)!

Tip: Having trouble really knowing how you can amp up the conversational tone in your writing? Write like you talk. Use “And”, “But”, or “Or” at the start of a sentence (I do). When it comes to great site copy, some grammar rules don’t apply. Blog content, though, is another story depending on your audience.

Never Stop Evolving
I may not have mentioned it much in past articles (don’t worry, it’s coming), but one thing that any marketing strategy needs is testing. Ads? Test. Social post? Test. Images? Test. What about site copy? Yes, test! Change up wording in certain areas and see how your page performs. This is a great opportunity to really dive into brand, tone, personas, and more. You may learn more about not only your business, but your audience as well.

Tip: Testing is when it’s time to become one with your analytics. Any pages not performing well? Try changing up the copy. Or, have a scrool depth goal that is suffering? See if you can add in a CTA or fun copy to keep people interested. Like anything in marketing, understanding what is working and what isn’t only better sets you up for success in the long run.

Website copy, strategy, analytics? Yikes! I know it can be overwhelming. But, that’s why you have me! Or, more accurately, that’s why I’m here to help if needed. Fill out my contact form to get started on your consultation.

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