How to Fill Your Funnel with Quality Leads

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You may hear competitors or other businesses in your area rant and rave about how much traffic they get. Well, let me tell you a not-so industry secret: traffic means nothing if they aren’t doing anything, and aren’t bringing in quality leads.

Think about it, you can get hundreds or even thousands of site visitors a day, but what good does it do if none of them engage or convert on at all? Exactly. It doesn’t matter.

So many of my clients have this disconnect where they are so focused on the traffic numbers they don’t see the whole picture. Then, a few months down the road, they wonder why sales are down.

As a small business, you can’t afford to have this happen to you. Instead, see how you can ensure that you get quality traffic right off the bat that transfers to great leads.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Understanding Your Traffic
  • Creating BETTER Content
  • Advertising (Did someone say brand?)
  • Lead Nurturing

Understand Your Current Traffic

First, understand where your traffic comes from and how they are engaging with your site. I’ve discussed this within a previous article, but it’s something that I always feel is worth mentioning. Knowing what channels you are hitting (or missing out on) and knowing the visitor journey along with demographics, helps you better grasp if you are hitting your target market or not.

Here are some key questions and metrics you should be looking for:

  • What channels are thriving?
  • What channels are struggling?
  • What is my target demographic? – am I hitting that audience?
  • What are people doing once they get to my site?
  • Where are people going once they land on my site?
  • What pages are struggling, which are thriving?
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Create Content

Creating content isn’t just about throwing out ideas and concepts to your audience. Just like the leads you are trying to gather, content is all quality over quantity. Don’t just make content – make content BETTER.

Here are some tips to take your content up a notch:

  • Make it actionable
  • Include research and stats where applicable
  • Expand on current blog content (what can you repurpose?)
  • Optimize around SEO and search query topics
  • Focus on what your audience is most interested in (what questions do you get a lot? What topics do they discuss the most?)
Pillar Pages for Content Strategy

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it 1,000 times – Get. You. Brand. Out. There.

Having a website isn’t enough to drive traffic or gain quality leads. In addition, you have to target and go after your audience of choice. Even with a small budget, you can boost social posts to reach a wider demographic and get your business out there. Not only does this help increase your reputation, but it also ensures that the attention you do gather is from those individuals who may be interested in converting (or buying) in the future.

See how you can take advantage of ads:

  • Target your audience, but don’t make it too specific (you want to reach a large variety of people at first, you can funnel them down later)
  • Spend small and test to see what works best
  • Give your audience what they want (you know them best, so what are they interested in? Entertainment, information, or help?)
  • Remarket to those who may already know who you are


Okay, this whole article we’ve talked about traffic. Getting better quality and really focusing on your target demographics. But here, the nurture stage, is where it all turns into actual leads.

Once you have interested traffic coming to your site it’s only a matter of gathering information (via a form of some sort) and then using nurturing methods to get them to that final stage.

Think of it this way: your customers are on a journey to a sale with you. They visit your site, become interested, check out what you have to offer, and then (hopefully) convert. However, it doesn’t always go so smooth.

Sometimes, someone checks out your services (maybe for research purposes) and then never comes back. Or, they write down your phone number (they will for sure call tomorrow morning!) but, it never goes past that point. To get them to those final stages to actually become a conversion or sale you need to lead them there.

See what methods you can use to lead your leads (haha, get it?):

  • Email automation
  • Calls
  • Direct mailers
  • Case studies
  • Testimonials
  • Remarketing ads

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