Marketing Services to Fuel Your Fire

Establishing A True Online Presence

If you aren’t taking the web seriously, you’re going to have a reality check when your competitors continue to out-perform you. You need small business marketing or nonprofit digital marketing support to help take your campaigns up a notch!

Point-blank and simply, I’m here to support you.

Your small business or non-profit is working overtime to help your dreams and the dreams of others come true, so let me help make it happen. I have packages and a la carte services to fit your unique needs, strategies, and ideas.

Non-Profit Digital Marketing

Whether you’re just starting out or a well-established entity, you can be rest assured the needs of your organization and it’s benefactors are in good hands. From brand, website design, content, and editing I’ve got the big (and little) things covered. This is perfect for those who need help understanding where to begin or those needing to mix things up a bit.

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Design Package: $1,000/month
Content Package: $2,500/month
Business Photoshoot: $500
Social Media Management: Differs by number of platforms
Copywriting (article): $350
Copywriting (website, including optimization): $1,000

Small Business Marketing & Start-Ups

Reaching your audience is hard. Not having a digital presence makes it even harder. My goal is to help your business create a reputation to be heard. This includes everything from social media, SEO, and growth marketing strategies. That might have been a lot of big words, but you get the gist – I’m here to help you succeed.

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Full Website Audit: $1,500
Social Media Audit: $1,000
Design Package: $1,000/month
Content Package: $2,500/month
Campaigns Package: $3,500/month

*Please note that non-profits start-ups may qualify for pricing discounts.*

Don’t See What You Need?

No worries, this is just a snap-shot of what I can offer. I am always open to taking on unique projects and hearing your ideas. Let’s chat to see if we can work together!